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Since 1961
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  • Savings from a used, thoroughly reconditioned Clicker Press.
  • Due to their construction, the machines are quiet and can be operated safely.
  • The power transmission of the machine is electrohydraulic.
  • The machines are operated by two hands.
  • Safety devices are used in conformity with the usual requirements of safety regulations.


Take advantage of the savings from a thoroughly reconditioned Clicker Press. Indusco's commitment to quality ensures your satisfaction and peace of mind that you are getting the best machine for the job at the best price.

We fully recondition all of our Used Clicker Presses and all are sold with a 90 Day warranty. Typically, these machines are stripped to the frames, thoroughly cleaned and painted. All column seals are replaced and pumps are rebuilt or replaced. Electronics are replaced with modern components and are used in Indusco designed circuitry. This process assures that replacement parts are readily available.